Villa Jackie: Hairdresser Nails Massage in Glyfada

Our choices for hairdressers, Nails, and massage in Glyfada

Petros Coiffure



Male haircut

Petros hair salon the best, haircuts for men.

Female haircut

Ready to find your ideal haircut?

Hairdo & Brushing

You may be surprised by the many benefits of hair brushing.

Hair up

Hair Dye Highlights Balayage

Exte (Removal and installation) Tapes Hair Extensions Brazillian (Treatment Nanokeratin System)

Manicure Manicure gel Pedicure Makeup Epilate (wax)


Wellness City Spa

A City Spa Experience

In the tranquil setting of the Wellness City Spa, take advantage of a range of real massage sensations and beauty treatments, catered to your individual needs.


Wellness City Spa is well aware that the foundation of our work is always care and trust. Massage is a powerful tool for taking care of your body and soul. Put your trust in the skilled hands of the therapists and treat yourself to the care that best meets your requirements.


With targeted skincare products and customized treatments, Wellness City Spa can revitalize and reinvigorate your skin.

Stretch & Relax

Welcome to Stretch&Relax, the start of your road to better health.

Discover the pinnacle of relaxation and indulgence at Stretch&Relax.

Massages and energizing Pilates classes are the ideal complement to thoughtfully selected environments, that radiate harmony and elegance.

Find a sanctuary where rejuvenation, equilibrium, ease, and physical activity come together.


If you’re looking for a barbershop that’s on the cutting edge of style while still honoring traditional values, look no further than Urban Cuts Barber Shop

No longer is the barbershop or barber’s location limited to men’s grooming needs.

Following a long day at the office and all of his other obligations, every man deserves a chance to unwind, catch up with friends, express his vision, and stand firm with both his supporters and his detractors.

To rephrase, at the core of every man’s being is the longing for a sense of singularity and a new beginning. This is the reason why barbershops are trendier than ever before.