Villa Jackie: Guide to Glyfada and Athens Riviera Experiences

A quick trip will take you to beautiful local beaches along the protected Saronic Gulf, which stretches from the southern Athens suburbs to Cape Sounio, the southernmost tip of Attica, so there’s no need to board a ferry to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Greek capital.

Just ten miles south of the city, around thirty to forty minutes away by car, is a spot where the cityscape gives way to a picture-perfect, palm-lined oasis. Here you can swim, unwind at a waterfront café, stroll along picturesque pedestrian streets and marinas, practice your favorite water sport, dine by the sea, shop at one of the area’s modern shopping centers, or have fun at one of the lively clubs along the coastal avenue—the favorite of the young people—that have brought a little bit of Mykonos to town! Living it up in the city during the summer doesn’t sound so terrible, does it?!

Faliro, Marina Flisvos
Faliro is the ultimate summer hotspot for the Athenians! It’s close to the city yet away from the noise and bustle, has a lot to offer in terms of activities, and has a great view of the Saronic Gulf. The marina, a popular spot for megayachts that gives the city a more global flavor, is undoubtedly its most distinctive feature. Conversely, Flisvos Park is perfect for relaxed bike rides and strolls. To keep up your carefree spirit this summer, there are gorgeous beaches, parks, playgrounds, retail centers, and chic eateries.
Bonus Tip: Between the “Flisvos Park” and “Flisvos” tram stops, there is a specially built kiosk where you may borrow bikes for free for 1.5 hours from Wednesday to Saturday evenings. From Wednesday through Saturday, from 5:30 to 8:30 PM, every week until September 30th, you can borrow a free bicycle. You can obtain yours by visiting the kiosk and presenting your identification along with your tram ticket as early as 1.5 hours before you need it. Best of luck on your ride!


In Glyfada, one of Athens’ most posh neighborhoods, you’ll find sandy beaches bordered by palm trees, hip clubs that are the lifeblood of the city’s nightlife, well-appointed hotels, shops, and restaurants, and marinas—a popular spot for yacht moorings—for getaways. Take a dip in the pristine waters or sip on a frappé, a popular and wonderfully revitalizing coffee beverage! You can’t get a real frappé without using Nescafé and sipping it via a straw!
An additional piece of advice: the city’s brand new 18-hole course, Glyfada Golf Club, is sure to please any golf aficionado.


Two fantastic, organized beaches and the largest beach club on the Riviera can be found in Voula, which is located just two miles south of Glyfada. Daytime activities include frolicking in a bright summer setting reminiscent of an amusement park complete with beach volleyball courts, jet skis, sophisticated bars, a dance deck, and thrilling waterslides; after dark, unwind with a cocktail at one of the district’s chic nightclubs!
Plus, the beach at Voula A’ has a blue flag this year, so it’s perfect (and safe!) for families. Specialized infrastructure has been put in place on Voula B’ beach so that those with disabilities can also enjoy swimming there.


On the other side of Mount Hymettus sits Vouliagmeni Bay, with its picturesque beach nestled on its edge. Its distinctive features include a marina and two private beaches, and its lovely harbor provides breathtaking views of the faraway Saronic Gulf islands. Astir Beach on Apóllonos Street is a popular and elegant Attica beach known for its silky sand, shallow water that is softly turquoise, and great facilities. The beach has also been certified clean by the blue flag. The undeveloped public beach, directly across from Astir Beach, is open to the public and costs nothing to enter. You just must not miss Vouliagméni this summer due to its pulsating nightlife, chic cafes and restaurants, and opulent hotels.
An additional piece of information: Vouliagmeni Lake is “sunk” (Vouliagmeni meaning sunk) in the remnants of a massive limestone cave that receives water from lukewarm springs that emerge from beneath the surface. The lake is located within a five-minute walk from the town center’s picturesque square. Aside from supposedly curing rheumatism and arthritis, swimming in the lake’s mineral and brackish waters feels like floating on air.


Just beyond Vouliagmeni is the lively tiny village of Varkiza, where, just below the coastline road, you can see a breathtaking panorama with breathtaking coves. Azure waters await you in either unstructured or organized beaches, where you may swim, play water sports, or dine on seafood at a gorgeous seaside taverna with a glass of ouzo in hand.
An additional piece of advice: Varkiza is widely believed to have the greatest windsurfing infrastructure, so fans of the sport will be overjoyed to visit.

Voula beach

Ending at Cape Sounio, the southeastern edge of Attica, the coastal route continues via wonderful tourist resorts like Lagonissi and Saronida. Whenever ancient Athenians sailed into the Aegean, they would leave behind the magnificent Temple of Poseidon, their last remnant of home. As the sun sets and the sky becomes a kaleidoscope of pinks and mauves, casting a sapphire glow on the water, you will be enchanted in a way you can’t imagine.